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All Paula's resources eg Only2clicks etc will continue to be added to regularly so remember to continue to visit.

This ICTPD cluster contract ends December 2012 so membership to this wiki is 'closed'. All content is viewable and you can continue to use, many thanks.


Welcome to the shared ICTPD Cluster pages for the RCICT(Rotorua Central) Cluster and the Town and Country (Rotorua) Cluster.


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What can you expect from this space?
  • By clicking on your school button on the 'Schools' page you will find a reflection on how Paula's time was spent in your school, any follow-up requirements, outcomes, ongoing discussions etc.
  • A dedicated page for each workshop so that you can refer back and share with others at your school
  • A visual record of our connected 'happenings' for the 2 ICTPD Clusters (covering 2011/2012)
  • A resource 'pool' of Readings, Online links and hard copy 'handouts'
  • The 'odd' inspirational video
  • A place to explore, to be motivated and to challenge your current thinking......

I first saw this video when Lane Clark shared it as an opener to her Ulearn 2010 Keynote - a powerful message.