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Love the short sharp ideas
Presenting couldn't actually show what to do - disappointing
Interesting and Practical - will use in class
Short and sweet with valuable tidbits
Important teachers know how to operate program me
I have lots of ideas to try out
All round useful!
Not enough for iPads
Sometimes the technology was slow to show up on the screen
Always good to see and hear about new programs. Really enjoyed Little Bird Tales with young boys.
What a shame the technology let us down a few times
Always interesting to see what other teachers are doing
Enjoyed the session by Jenny - Motivating Juniors - Pizap and youblisher
Taster 3: didn't have enough time to look at the website because the link was not available.
Short time means that you get straight to it! Your brain can cope better.
Great new Maths site - will try tomorrow!
Inevitable hiccups with technology let presenters down
Technology moving so fast, good to see how others are using tools.
Great ideas to use. Thank you for the motivation.
The technology crashed so the session as wasted.
Variety of topics and technologies.
Another great way to have a taste of what is possible.

Interesting - a few new ideas
Slick, Fast, well done!

Great ideas shared again! Clever teachers.

Jing - transferring what we saw (editing for e-portfolio's) to IWB

Great to see I.T used extensively with Juniors and it IS possible!

Always neat to get new ideas

Quick 10 minute ideas

Taster 3 had some good ideas but short due to probs with computer. Still got thru main parts though.

Maori TKI taster was GREAT.

Some practical ideas for classroom use

New inspirations - liked the literacy shed ideas

Time goes so fast. Short Sharp, Nitty Gritty ideas are great.

Better range of class levels this time

Found some great Maths sites - thanks

Thank you - real teachers showing real things, that they have done.

Great to see tech angels involved.

Attendance - Total = 96
St Mary's
Kawaha Point