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'Senior SOLO Gathering' held 8th March (Thursday, Week 6, 2012) at held at Ngongotaha School Rotorua (9.00 - 12.00)

Senior Teachers Present
  • Otonga (6)
  • Aorangi (3)
  • Kawaha Point (4)
  • St Mary's (4)
  • Kaharoa (3)
  • Ngongotaha (2)

Those attending 'Walked the Walls', adding their thoughts to a range of questions

"Where do you sit on the continuum?"


  • "What's going well with the use of SOLO?"

We split into groups of three (all from different schools) and celebrated our successes, then one member from each group feedback to the room:

Group 1
  • Stairway to heaven style SOLO "climb up" wall display (see photo near bottom of the page"
  • Hot tools resource - a different take on the 'hot maps'
  • Hot Maps
  • Feeding in language on a needs basis
  • Rubrics - visual representation as a hook
Group 2
  • Interactive maps
  • Working with SOLO rather than against
Group 3
  • Co-constructing Rubrics
  • SOLO as a tool to achieve high level thinking
  • Thinking first with SOLO to support students reflecting on their learning
  • Flag-poles
Group 4
  • Writing and Reading maps to scaffold the learning
  • Just doing the map isn't SOLO - it's what comes next!
Group 5
  • Working well with Art (Kiwiana example shared)
Group 6
  • SOLO rubrics all in one place for ease of use and management.
  • "Next step" - dated and highlighted.
  • One to one "scrapbook style"
Group 7
  • Social Rubric re friendship
  • Writing and Topic and rubrics
  • Lower level maps now embedded - define, describe
  • Remember that SOLO is relating to the learning and thinking - not to the person "Thinking not Labeling"

Discussion surrounded the use of other visual tools to complement and support thinking in our schools (to be used alongside SOLO resources, rubrics and maps). Aorangi teachers shared their Hot tools resource (Graham Watts), ALL Seniors felt they would benefit from PD relating to other scaffolding tools.
Here is an example of the Visual maps shared (teachers felt these added interest and excitement and 'spiced up' the classroom programme).

After Morning Tea discussion was focused on our Questions and Challenges

We split into groups of three once again, but with different people this time......to discuss
What Questions/Challenges do we have?
Discussion/Answers/Experiences from the Group
How do we use higher order maps effectively
Some maps just aren't as easy to use. One group member commented that Pam said "Each map at each level"
Map doesn't order thinking.
If you don't understand the map......how will they.
How can we have time to reflect with other colleagues about what we are doing/stresses?

Consistency through the class is a challenge e.g. 2/3 of the class at one level and the rest with 'no idea'.

Extended abstract verbs - what else and where too next?
Generalise equals opinion so is bound to be more vague
Maths - do we or don't we?

"Am I busting my hump?" e.g. Primary vs Intermediate/High School

Time, time and time

SOLO is just another 'feather in my cap' don't get stuck up on it. What evidence do we have that it's actually making any difference?

Questions from Post it notes not included in the 'sharing time'
How do we know/track that it does improve writing?
Do kids REALLY get it?
What is the code to access pam's new website?
Do schools have it as a part of the payment made earlier in the contract?
Is their a place where people share their rubrics online?

A small amount of time was spent investigating the 'Weblist' resource
(Paula also showed where the SOLO Books could be purchased)

Resource Pool

St Mary's Shared Resources
Example of an individual teachers 'Citizenship' planning

Example of "Poutama" - Stairway to Success

Example of a Co-Constructed WALHT