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'Middle SOLO Gathering' held 8th March (Thursday, Week 6, 2012) at held at Kawaha Point School, Rotorua (1.00 - 4.00)

Middle Teachers Present
  • Otonga (6)
  • Aorangi (1)
  • Kawaha Point (4)
  • St Mary's (5)
  • Kaharoa (2)
  • Ngongotaha (2)
  • Mamaku (1)
Teacher Trainees (2)

Due to other obligations several teaches needed to leave at 3 o'clock

Those attending 'Walked the Walls', adding their thoughts to a range of questions

Where do you sit on the continuum?
"What's going well with the use of SOLO?"

We split into groups of three (all from different schools) and celebrated our successes, then one member from each group feedback to the room:

Group 1
  • Using rubrics and school wide focus planning (not all the group agreed)
Group 2
  • Behaviour management rubrics
  • Writing Rubrics/maps
Group 3
  • Using in topic
Group 4
  • Rubrics (relating to Frog Life Cycle - replacing the need for success criteria)
  • Having a learning outcome for each and everyday
Group 5
  • Now using through 'most' curriculum areas

Time was then taken to share - resources through out this discussion (teachers to email Paula resources to add to this page)

Discussion was now focused on our Questions, Challenges and Wonderings

We split into groups of three once again, but with different people this time......to discuss
What Questions/Challenges do we have?
Discussion/Answers/Experiences from the Group
Difficulty with 'kids speak' vs teacher talk.

Needs based rather than writing rubric first
One of many tools vs school wide expectations
Use in maths

Asttle writing and SOLO - how do we marry them up?
Should we?
Are you making a rod for your own back?
Take small 'chucks' e.g. surface or deeper features
As a thinking tool should it fit with others or stand alone?
Fits with others, shouldn't be used in isolation as need to build a 'toolkit' rather than narrow the possibilities.

Timewas spent investigating the 'Weblist' resource and navigating Pam's Web site
(Paula also showed where the SOLO Books could be purchased)


Resource Pool

Shared by Kawaha Point School (these have also been added to the Weblist resource for 'easy sharing')

Shared by St Mary's School