On this page you will find a growing resource bank of Professional Readings and Research material.
Some of this material will be best suited to the individual and a selection of material will be suitable for whole staff development.
If you have a particular need or focus or would like further support or access to other readings etc, just email me paulaictpd@gmail.com and I will do my best to facilitate this.


E-Learning and implications for New Zealand schools: a literature review

Report to the Ministry of Education Noeline Wright

Literacy teaching and learning in e-Learning contexts
Report to the Ministry of Education by Sue McDowall
for CORE Education and New Zealand Council for Educational Research

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Hooksett School District Bring Your Own Device Report


Tips, Tricks and Clever Techniques

iPads for Learning

Mobile Devices

Ministry of Education

Education Sector Reports


An interesting read on Leadership and Age relationship


Trevor Bond


Curriculum focus
Julia Aitken


Literacy based

Interactive Whiteboards
How Does Professional Development Impact on Teachers’ Use of an Interactive Whiteboard in New Zealand Primary Classrooms?
Robyn Grover

Factors involved in contributing to effective student learning when using Interactive whiteboard technology: A case study of a New Zealand primary school
Jacqueline Lindy Thornley

Primary teachers’ interactive whiteboard practice across one year: changes in pedagogy and influencing factors.
EdD thesis King’s College University of London.
Cogill J (2008).
IWB Thesis

The Educational Value of Interactive Whiteboards in the 21st Century Classroom.
Allan Alach

The Effects of the Use of Interactive Whiteboards on Student Achievement
Karen Swan, Jason Schenker & Annette Kratcoski

How is the interactive whiteboard being used in the primary school and how does this effect teachers and teaching?
Julie Cogill

Personal Learning Networks
Professional Learning Communities


21st Century Teachers and Learners
Andrew Churches
Mark Treadwell