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Watching the boys do their E-Book
Not all
teachers turned up!
The time went too quickly
Shari and friends Maths Sites, WOW! Thanks for
some great ideas. (Also love the run around the block!)
Some sessions were rushed - not enough time
Loved Pam's ART
Good variety of things to look at.
More time to explore
Saw SOLO integrated into Maths
Good variety of topics
Delivery time very short. Little time for questions
Saw great interactive maths sites for Juniors
Loved all the workshops
The time went too quickly
Presenters did an excellent job!
Wallwisher for SOLO was great
Time limit factor - rushed
Blown away with the e-book on iPad. Well done the kids!
Gay's Study ladder was really helpful
Needed a little more time in each session
Studyladder. How would I do this with Year 1?
Loved the art one
Very little that was new
Other people's different takes on familiar sites
Have got some great resources
Too short for some sessions
How much info you can put across in ten minutes! AMAZING
Shortcut tips was fab
Wish sessions could have been longer
Some very interesting sites to help with kids learning.
I loved Youblisher and new Maths sites to use with Juniors.
All good presentations
Really hard to choose where to go
The different uses for VOKI
Quick, informative and user friendly
Sessions too quick for presenters and audience
Pam's art session = brilliant (you did it!)
Really neat. Much better than longer sessions as it cuts to the nitty gritty.
Pam's was wonderful!
Not bringing passwords! xtraamath.org group
Thank you for the great organization
The Art in WORD was very useful
Perhaps longer timeframe 15 minutes as it always goes over time.
I like the way a school generally had its own room
Science web site collection - excellent - make work easy

Word art - Using a programme we all know better - good consolidation
Art using Word/Publisher was fantastic, can't wait to try it.

Only wish I ha known how to use macrons years ago! Very useful Tino Pai Mercia.
Great ideas to use in class

Lots of very useful websites to explore. Great work.
Shortcut keys for Macrons was great

Really informative, loved the ice cream

Liked the timeframe, good snapshot

Study ladder looks fabulous. I will definitely give it a go

Helpful for what I am doing in class now

The art one was say to follow. We enjoyed it

Loved Shortcuts, Youblisher and Colour my World - FABULOUS!

Kids sharing. Ka Pai Tamariki

Well worth going to this, didn't know how to put macrons on letters

Good Maths websites

Colour My World - easy to follow instructions, ideas

Word Art was amazing in Round 4

Loved Youblisher - very well presented

Great session on Junior Maths web sited, Science Websites and Art using Word or Publisher

Maths websites for juniors. Lots of very useful websites and information

Some handouts. Great so that we get all info needed

Really enjoyed Prue with the super heroes comic and Pam with color my world.
Would definitely use in class

Maths websites. Handouts handy

Great to see kids doing the demos in Room 6 with Jo and Wendy

Great ideas in all slots and awesome Pam!

Comic Life - an innovative way of reporting back to parents.
Marvel Kids - Great to see resources that motivate the boys

Great - loved it all!

Learnt how to use Maori Macrons - finally!

Jo Jenkins Diptic workshop was excellent, thanks to two boys who helped.
Can't wait to add apps to iPod touch and iPad

Voki - great tool for blog. Ka Pai Morag and Lisa

Marvellous Fantastic

Ka Tau ke. Excellent sessions. Always a delight.

Ten minutes was pod for a snapshot

The arts on word was great, lots of interesting ideas

Iain's 'Box' workshop was excellent! Embedding word documents onto your blog.
Funny presenter too!

Awesome presentation from Gaye

Awesome ideas from Pam. Can't wait to give it a go!

Easy, accessible sites. Teacher speak presentations

Science, lots of helpful sites - great interactive ideas

Great maths ideas for junior classes. Well done to Shari and Team (and bikkies too!)

Te Roopu e-book presentation was great! Will use this programme

Glenholme junior teachers - great maths websites. They were all new to me.
Thanks for biscuits and exercise card you guys rock!

School and Attendance

Glenholme 15
Malfroy 12
Sunset 5
Westbrook 24
Rotorua Primary 8