Overview of informal sharing sessions

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This Wordle was created using the exact text from our "Positive" feedbackInteresting to see the LARGE words (which are the ones used most often)




  • Excellent information that I can use in school.Thanks to the facilitators.
  • Excellent way to share and jog our memory.
  • Lovely to share with others.
  • Look forward to trying out ideas from Shari, Adele, Heidi and Louise.
  • Good short, sharp sessions.
  • Blogging from iPhone much easier yeah.
  • Good refresher for Youblisher. Will be using tomorrow.
  • Loved the powerpoint presentation. Clear presentation and excellent resource given to class.
  • Time suited my after school attention span.
  • Comic Life - great tips and tricks. Will try with 5 year olds later in the term.
  • Fantastic resources.
  • I liked how it was only 10 minutes. Short sharp nowaffle.
  • Learnt some new ideas. Good refresher for some.
  • Loved that blogging is made so much easier with an iPhone or iPod.
  • Loved it. When's the next one?
  • Youblisher for publishing.
  • Mobi. We are lucky to have these. A great tool.
  • Freedom to choose activities.
  • Ice Creams!
  • Will definitely use the pimping my car site for writing. Thanks Paula. Great sites.
  • 10 minutes was great. Got to do four things.
  • Liked it was short and sharp.
  • Short sharp and easy to focus.
  • Great sharing ideas and learning new ideas.
  • Great workshop deliveries. Light and tasty.
  • Excellent sharing opportunity.
  • I like being able to use Youblisher on my blog.
  • Super useful ideas and presenters. Thankyou.
  • Short sharp sharing
  • Short sessions. Interchange ideas.
  • Great tips given with the mobi slate. Will certainly give it a go.
  • Ensure you are prepared and have resources you need.
  • Please come prepared with examples and remember passwords so we can share your success.
  • Hard to find a workshop (in the rotation) that was of use or relevant.
  • Wanted more time to explore sites I was interested in.
  • 15 - 20 minutes would be good.
  • A bit too short maybe 15 minutes
  • A little too short - 20 minutes?
  • Time was too short.
  • Time was too short.
  • Early start after school finishes.
  • Have a computer or two with examples to tutu with.
  • It was hard to concentrate after inter school athletics all day.
  • Wanted to go to them all!
  • Need more of these workshops, maybe 3 a term or 2?
  • Good way to collaborate and share and meet.
  • I like this format.
  • Lots of other tips and tricks from casual chatting.
  • The Prezi show - OH WOW
  • To be able to use Mobi pad from box.
  • Presenter had problems logging on - need someone who knows.
  • Got something from each session


17 (and 3 students)
(and 3 students)