Ewan McIntosh writes...
Matt Locke originally came up with the concept of the Six Spaces of technology (test.org.uk/​2007/​08/​10/​six-spaces-of-social-media/​). I added a seventh earlier this year, Data Spaces, and have played around with how education could harness these spaces, and the various transgressions between them, for learning.

This short presentation tackles the potential of adjusting our physical school environments to harness technology even better. What happens when we map technological spaces to physical ones?

You can see more of the detail behind these thoughts over on the blog:

Jacqui Sharp a NZ Educational Consultant has set up this E-Learning Classroom Blog to document the experiences of 13 teachers from 8 schools across the country. Visit the Blog HERE
The collorative wiki these teachers will be sharing their experiences on can be visited HERE
This wiki's home page initially looks at the differences between a 'Digital Classroom' and a 'E-Learning Classroom' - interesting reading.