Lead Teacher Agenda - Term 4 Week 7

Here's the animation I hoped to show during our afternoon session but ran out of time!
This would be a powerful addition to any Staff meeting......

Here are the two email address for contact across the 12 schools (eg Newsletters)
The email below is to contact ALL (current 2012) lead teachers

Please note that Leads will be responsible for updating their staff email list for 2013.

Minutes from the last principals Sustainability Meeting.
Please Note: Previous minutes appear in black, changes/additions and minutes from latest meeting appear alongside in RED

Lead Teacher Agenda - Term 4 Week 2

Lead Teacher Agenda - Term 3 Week 7


Minutes from Principals Sustainability meeting

Sustainability Plan

2013 Term Dates

Lead Teacher Agenda - Term 3 Week 2

Robyn Boswell's Olympic Resource - feel free to share with teachers (see screenshot of email below, please ensure you acknowledge Robyn for all her time and effort).
This is what appeared on Twitter.......
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Theme Pack

Question Matrix

Screenshot after emailing @Boz23
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Lead Teacher Agenda - Term 2 Week 7 (June)

Additions/considerations re Agenda:
  • Discontinued Embedit.in site (mention Google Drive and embed option)
  • Timetable (Lead Day Week 2 - clarify expectations)
  • Add extra time for Survey completion (will need half hour)
  • Evidence (See Dean and Julie and ask if anyone else has this available)
  • Strategic Planning (need copies of this for Milestone)

Click here to take survey


Facilitator shared - What I found on Twitter in Ten Minutes (Twitter the one stop shop for PD)

Stunning Visual Dictionary - Visuwords
A great little how to use ‘Visuwords’ with learners blogpost.
An alternative to ‘Embed it in’
A free PDF converter
A collaborative storywriting tool
A tool to define ‘confusing words’
Numberline (Middle School)
Excellent Colourful easy to use Numberline for IWB (Middle/Senior)
iPads and field trips
Reading - Twitter in the classroom
Edtalks Newletter

LINKS TO MILESTONE TEMPLATE - which will be made private a week before it's due to allow Paula to collate other data to complete it.


Remember to scroll across to view all content.
Day 2 - Glenholme Thursday March 15th

Morning Session: 9.00 - 12.30 Facilitated by Tessa Gray

E-Learning Framework


E-learning Framework Website
VLN E-Learning Framework Discussion Group
Registered Teachers Criteria Wiki

Google Doc


Resources mentioned:

For the "Day Made of Glass 2" Video Click HERE - Video is near the bottom of the page.

Afternoon Session: Initially facilitated by Paula - then 2 till 3 o'clock clusters shared in their own groups.

Interace EXpo - 21st May Taupo - are you going? FREE TO ATTEND - SIGN UP ASAP IF YOU ARE ABLE TO ATTEND.

Are you using Only2clicks - click on the 'bookmarklet' note near the top of your page to click and drag this NEW tool onto your bookmarks bar. Such a timesaver, no more having to copy a URL and open Only2clicks etc etc.

Have you discovered or are using this fabulous new Maori resource site

New Found websites to share

Teacher's Pet

Websites found via Interface Mag
PicLit http://www.piclits.com/compose_dragdrop.aspx Middle/Senior click and drag words onto an image to create Poetry, thoughts and inspiration, creative writing. How about trying it as a writing session starter.
Dunk a Duck http://www.wordduck.com/ sign up for an account and create your own wordlists. Great alternative to the tradition 'Hangman'.
Embedit.in http://embedit.in/

Before splitting into groups discussion was had relating to
  • Up and coming events - Clustershare/TOD Conference (Venue, timetables were shared, taster sessions were clarified re timing and content)
  • Workshops (if Leads are not prepared to run these - Paula WILL NOT be stepping in, we are in our 3rd year of a contract and it is time as leads to be 'confident, connected, lifelong learners')
  • We are ALL busy people but we need to make time for what we value and also acknowledge the time, effort and money that has gone into getting us this far! Hang in there WE CAN DO IT!!!!!!
  • COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY - particularly between Leads and Principals and then the filter down from Leads to classroom teachers.

Term 2 Workshops - WHO IS DOING WHAT?
3 - Glenholme (TBC) Wendy
4 -? (TBC)
8 - Kawaha Point (TBC)
9 - Glenholme (TBC)

NEWSLETTER - DID EVERYONE RECEIVE THE EMAIL? (Rotorua may not have - Francis to check)

Town and Country - Overview of what was discussed received from Dean:
Tech Angels- will receive a lanyard and USB stick each. At their Milkshake meeting they will have to choose a new name for the group. We also decided that instead of a conference for the kids we would just run two workshops (host school to be confirmed).
Cluster conference (term 2) we are assuming that each cluster is responsible for half of the breakouts (15) all schools agreed to run two presentations which would give us a total of 14. We thought it would be a good idea to approach the cluster principals and ask if they would be prepared to fill the 15th spot. If more workshops are required those cluster schools with the larger rolls would be expected to front up.

RCICT - Two day cross school (was 27th/28th March Week 9) visits postponed until Term 2 or 3 (now 'Celebration time and to include Te Roopu group). You will be contacted when the dates are decided.

Day 1 - Kaharoa
Outline of the structure of events and/or planning to date -
Involving Both Clusters

Lead Teacher Days
Week 2 - Full day focused on 'Nuts and Bolts' e.g: Reflection/Reporting/Changes to future Programming/New Resources and Links or Developments.
Week 7 - Full day with first half focused on PD (E-Learning Framework - Tessa Gray) as a whole group and second half in individual clusters (after clarifying future events and adding to the Google Docs - particularly for the TOD Conference)

SOLO Catch up Days - Hooked on Thinking (Pam Hook)
When: Week 6 Tuesday and Wednesday March 6/7
Where: Glenholme School
Who: For teachers who are new to cluster schools or who would benefit from a refresher.

THURSDAYS 1.30 - 4.30




Term 1
Week 4
Week 5
Week 8
Week 9
St Mary's Confirmed
Glenholme Confirmed
Aorangi Confirmed
Glenholme Confirmed
B is for Blogging
Making the most out of Digital Photos
Online tools to support and stimulate Writing (Middle/Senior)
Online Tools to support Literacy (Junior)
Term 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 8
Week 9
Glenholme (TBC)
? (TBC)
Kawaha Point (TBC)
Glenholme (TBC)
To be decided by Leads
Term 3

Term 4


Cluster Share

ALL leads to contact Paula (asap) with 4 (or more) teachers from each of the larger schools and 2 (or more) from the smaller schools willing to share in an informal context for 10 minutes.
SEVERAL SCHOOLS HAVE CHOSEN TO MAKE IT COMPULSORY FOR ALL STAFF TO SHARE IN THIS FORMAT BEFORE THE END OF THE YEAR - I think this is a great idea, remember your school and ALL your staff have had significant time, money and effort put into their ICT and SOLO personal development over the period of this 3 year contract. Is a 10 minute informal sharing with their peers too much to ask?

These will be collated and timetabled for staff attending on the night.
Term 1 Week 8 T&C ........ Week 9 RCICT
Term 2 Week 8 T&C ........ Week 9 RCICT
Term 3 Week 8 T&C ....... Week 9 RCICT

Term 1 - Google Docs

Town & Country


Here is a mock up example of what this event could look like for RCICT Cluster


TOD Conference - "Making IT Happen"

Link to Google Doc

June 1st - Venues - Glenholme School and St Mary's

Town & Country Cluster exclusively
ICT Lead Breakfasts
Term 1 Week 4 7.30 - 8.30 Venue: McDonalds Old Taupo Road
First meeting is set to discuss school wide implementation of and Cluster expectations for the TECH ANGELS initiative.

Junior/Middle and Senior Teacher Sessions
An informal get together to enable teachers to share, reflect on and add to their Kete relating to SOLO
Please ensure teachers bring examples either hardcopy or digital of SOLO taking place in their classroom.
Junior - St Mary's
Middle - Kawaha Point
Seniors - Ngongotaha

Tech Angels
Term 1 - Week 10 Lunchtime first meeting 12.30 at the central Mc Donald's (Cluster to cover thick shake and Badge)
Term 2 - Week 10

School Visits
Term 3 - Week 8 Monday leads to visit Auckland Schools (?)

Kids Share
Term 3 Week 10 - Friday

RCICT Cluster exclusively
Te Roopu Rangatahi

Visits to each other schools and Te Roopu Celebration Term 2 or 3? (TBD)

School Visits
Term 3 - Week 5 Tuesday Leads to Visit BOP Schools

Lead teachers "Smackdown" - September


Requirements and considerations for Milestone 3 as viewed at our meeting can be downloaded below.


School Journeys

Powerful reflection right back to 1991.
Linking a Schoolwide journey to it's current curriculum model.

Using the SOLO framework to capture thinking
Celebrating the journey and progress so far.

Not just the infrastruture but the people too - it's all about 'Change'.
Acknowledging individual needs and building a strong TEAM

Looking back through a SOLO lense.