Here are a few sites to get you started!
I realise this is a little boring without visuals and will try and spruce this up during the next holidays when I can give it more time, cheers for your understanding.

Worth searchingGlobal Classroom,index Excellent first stop
Enter any curriculum area into the search box.......
ICT Games
Kent Site - General/Spanish All levels
Topmarks Interactive resources site
TES iBoard Click on the left to view an extensive range of levelled interactive resources, no advertising, no fuss.
eg Interactive Junior Book - Monarch Butterflies

Interactive Lunchbox "Go for your Life"


Play any instrument -
Virtual keyboard - Amazing Site! Play any instrument using your mouse..


Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery - Check out the 'Interactive Zone' (In the Art Gallery - Learning about Landscapes is excellent)
Art Gallery
Mother Nature Patterning (Beautiful Photo's and imagery on this site)

Classroom Tools

Interactive Calendar
Class Tools -
Interactive Maths Dictionary -
Jumbo Calculator

"Curriculum Integrated":




CrickWeb - Endless FREE resources
Topmarks site- Junior
Smartboard Site - Suitable for any board or Computer, well worth exploring. All levels (Excellent for Seniors)
Doorway Interactive and accessible learning resources


Starship English -
Berenstain Bears Site -
Spin and Spell -
Reading Box -
Online Talking Stories -
English Alphabet
Match the contraction
Onset and Rimes (Year 3?)
Consonant Vowel Consonant (Year 3?)
Mind Nudgers (Great for stimulating writing)
Types of sentences


Numbers Learn numbers, simple site with sound.
Counting Goats (This resource is delightful - New Entrant)
Count Us In - - An Australian maths site
Identify 11-30 (This is the HOME site
Maths Playground - - Junior and Middle
Understanding Numbers (this resource is gorgeous! Great for New Entrants/Year 1)
Snakes and Ladders
Symmetry Game
Five Little Monkeys

Hickory Dickory Clock game


My Family -



Hasbro Site



Maths Starter of the day - A Few America days eg: Money concepts but in general well worth a look, my Year 4/5 class enjoyed many of these but would be excellent for year 6 to 8.
MathsThinking Skills - (This site links beautifully with SOLO)
Times Tables -
Maths Map - - Online maths Activities
Fast Factors - - Times Tables practise
Patterns (Links Learning - worthy of exploring the HOME site)

Make five in a row

Virtual Dice (6,8,10 and 12 Face Dice)
Virtual Dice (Single, Double and Triple Dice Games)


Electric Circuits -

Volcano Explorer

Reach the World - Interactive world map and 'journey'


Lights, Camera, Action -
Mission Control - Science/English
Environmental -
Don't use said - ttp://
T.V Ad Campaign -
Advertising and marketing - - Selling Softdrinks
Making Sentences

Health and PE

Coaching Tool - Excellent interactive coaching for Soccer/Netball/Rugby and Rounders
Health and Growth

Aches and pains - Breaks and Fractures

Find out what human bones are made of and why they sometimes break. Learn how the body repairs broken bones, and how healing can be helped with slings or fibreglass casts. Learn about different types of breaks such as a 'greenstick fracture' and 'stress fracture'. Test your knowledge by matching words with their meanings. This learning object is one in a series of 12 objects and is suitable for middle and upper primary levels.

Skin - Take a closer look

Look under the surface of human skin. Find out the names for skin layers and major parts within the skin. Learn about fingerprints, nails, skin colour, wrinkles and how the body repairs breaks in the skin. Find out how sweating uses fluids to cool the body. Test your knowledge by labelling a diagram of the skin. Suitable for middle to upper primary level.

Sports Shoes

Shoes4u -
Investigate the properties of shoes that make them well-suited to particular sports. Examine the relationship between shock, absorption of force, and stopping time after landing. Test the amount of cushioning in a range of sports shoes. Look at variables in shoe design: cushioning, support, traction, flexibility, weight and durability. Design and test a pair of shoes for a particular sport. This learning object is one in a series of two objects. Suitable for upper primary level.

A link to a HUGE amount of Interactive sites...... -
Random Student Picker -
Middle School Games - Try 'Tricky Anagram' game

Maths Interactive Links

Interactive Websites ***

LiveBinder with Interwrite Resources

English Interactive Links - huge selection divided into levels.