Workshop Links From Term 1, 2012


Why let children blog?

Let's get looking
Allanah King's Classroom Blog
Stephen Baker
Rocky Jensen's classroom blog 2011
Hannah Mortimore - Omanu School Junior Blog
2008/2009 Blog Senior Theresa Bowen
Rachel Boyd, Nelson

Take a look at beginning bloggers sites.......

Getting Started

With Blogger

This is a step by step to sign up/sign in and create your own blog. (Remember the pictures are just screen shots and you must be on the actual Blogger website - your screen should look like the pictures below)
For those that DO NOT have a Google Account you need to click on 'Get started'.
If you HAVE a Goole Account then sign in.

For those creating a Goolge Account just fill in the form on your screen - it will look like this

Those that have just signed in with their Google account, your page will now look like this


Now we should all be signed in and at the same page!

When choosing a name for your blog things you need to consider
  • Keep it simple
  • Keep it schoolwide (as in "schoolroom1@" or "room1school")
  • I have seen some schools have "1school2011" but I personally wouldn't want to be 'losing' my blog every year and then changing my address. (check out the blogroll over option to ensure children retain their valuable 'work')

I will now create a blog step by step with you and go through the editing options etc.
After this workshop I will also provide a 'step by step' pdf guide that you can share with collegues.

Just one of Jacqui Sharp's (Educational Consultant) fabulous sites!
Just one of Allanah King (E-Learning and Classroom Teacher) amazing array on online content.

Sites worthy of visiting

  • Extensive list of Classroom Blogsites
  • Support sites
  • Interesting debates
  • Resource links

  • How to remove your 'blogger' banner.
Create your own online avatar.
  • Students can create their own.
  • Tip: Don;t sign up, don't save.
  • Just take a screen capture
  • (PC users using Jing or similar, Mac users Command/Shift/4)

"Cutest Blog on the Block"
  • Free fancy themed bakgrounds
  • Also has animated 'stickers'
  • 'Comment' tags etc